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Getting Started

How does custom web design work?
We have simplified the process to 4 steps that are easy to understand and simple to accomplish.  We know your time is valuable, so we get the information needed for your site quickly, and we go execute.  Most sites can be completed in 1 MONTH and some as quickly as 1 WEEK!  Read the steps below for a brief overview.

Step 1

Initial Consultation
This is where we get to know you!  We need to understand what you want to accomplish with your site and the features necessary to make your website work for you.  To get an idea of what you would like, take a look at some of the previous work we have completed for other clients on our CUSTOMERS page or browse our PRODUCTS.  Do you have an example website in mind?  Let us know, and we'll start customizing from there.  Also, remember to think of a few website names (i.e. "domain names"), so that we can check their availability.  The initial consulation is the most important part of the web design process and will help guarantee your site contains the correct information for your business.  It usually takes about an hour, and at the end, we will be able to choose a design and hosting package.
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Step 2

Draft Concept & Quote Site Price
After the initial consultation, we will then draft a concept of your site and quote a price.  We can usually perform this portion in less than a week.  The draft concept will include an outline of the pages, content, and functions of your site.  We will suggest design schemes and functions for you to choose from.  We will provide a price estimate for your initial design and your monthly fee for content updates and hosting.  After you approve the design scheme and price estimate, we will proceed to the next step.

Step 3

Construct Site
Here is where we do the "heavy" lifting.  Programming, creative design, and typing...lots of it.  We work to create you a functional, stylish, and personal site that you can be proud of.  All of our sites are mobile optimized using RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN tactics so that they work across all the devices your customers use.  This step usually takes 2-4 weeks for most small businesses.

Step 4

Review & Approve
Review the final design and functions of your site.  Each site we make includes a password-protected test site so you can approve your site before it goes online.  We will personally show you how to use all the features of your site, provide you with training material, and answer any questions you may have.  Once approved, we will post your site to the world!

That's it, you're complete!


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